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Why Restaurants With EV Charging Stations Are a Step Ahead

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is on the rise, and it’s only set to increase now that the federal government is extending and expanding tax credits for EVs and EV charging infrastructure. Globally, Deloitte forecasts that EV sales will jump from 2.5 million in 2020 to 31.1 million by 2030, for a total market share of 32% of all vehicle sales.

With so many consumers expected to make the transition to EVs in the next decade, that means millions more people will be looking for easy and convenient ways to charge their cars. Businesses that capitalize on this growing demand will find a new way to stand out from the competition.

Restaurants With EV Charging Stations Are a Step Ahead

Because they offer customers a place to stop and stay for a while, restaurants are in an especially unique position to take advantage of these changes. Here are a few things restaurants with EV charging stations stand to gain as EVs become more common.

1. Attract EV-Driving Customers

With more people driving EVs in the years ahead, that means more potential patrons looking for ways to charge their vehicles while they shop and do business throughout the day. And restaurants present an ideal opportunity to “fill up.”

Whether someone takes an hour for lunch or spends a few hours for happy hour or dinner after work, they stay long enough to get a significant boost on their EV battery. Restaurants with level 2 chargers could add 15-25 miles of range to a customer’s vehicle over a lunch break, and those that opt for a faster level 3 chargers could even provide a full recharge before a customer has to return to work.

If that customer has a choice between two restaurants they love, but only one offers EV charging, which one do you think they’ll choose when they need a refill? For restaurateurs, adding the perk of EV charging stations to their franchises can attract new customers and build loyalty among the ones they already have.

One way to draw more attention to your business as a charging spot is to use Level Up Local for SEO-targeted advertising.  When potential customers search for terms like “EV charging stations near me,” your restaurant will pop up on the map and on mobile apps. You can also use the program to attract new customers with e-vouchers and coupon codes. Coupling this with free opportunities for exposure, such as your Google Maps listing and presence on EV charging network apps, is a great way to get your restaurant noticed.

2. Increase Revenue

Not only can restaurants with EV charging stations see increased foot traffic, but they can also directly increase the revenue they generate per customer.  This can happen in two ways.

First, consider the customer on lunch or happy hour who wants to stay just a bit longer to extend their charging time. While they wait, they decide to order dessert or another drink, raising their tab and boosting revenue for the restaurant.

Second, many restaurant owners may not have considered the potential revenue they can earn directly from the charging stations. By charging a fee for their use, owners can convert the expense of installing EV chargers into another revenue stream. They can even turn this into a perk by offering customers charging credits for spending more at their restaurant.

3. Stand Out to Job Seekers

It hasn’t been easy for restaurants to attract and retain employees in the post-pandemic world. Restaurant owners and managers must continue to think creatively about how to draw new workers to hospitality work, and providing EV charging stations is an innovative way to stay ahead.

For a server or host that spends all day at a restaurant, it’s a huge benefit to be able to fully recharge their car while they work. This gives them one less thing to worry about in their off-hours — and one more reason to think twice before they move on to a different workplace.

If you do offer charging stations but charge customers for their use, consider offering free charging or a reduced rate to employees to boost this incentive.

4. Help Advance EV Adoption

On top of boosting business, attracting staff and increasing revenue, restaurants with EV charging stations can take pride in the fact that they’re participating in an important movement.

Every business that adds EV charging stations drives EV adoption a little bit further. For restaurants, specifically, the presence of EV charging stations puts EVs within closer reach for not only their employees but also gig workers such as Door Dash or Uber Eats drivers. When it’s that much easier for them to charge up on the job, it’s that much easier to consider an EV.

This adds momentum to a movement that will play a critical part in creating a sustainable future for people and the planet. Although it may not be a direct benefit for the bottom line, you could argue it’s the most important one of all.

Seize the Day and Lead the Way

Every business has a chance to play a part in the push toward a greener, cleaner future. But restaurants and franchises are in an especially good position to lead the way — and gain significant benefits while they do.


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