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EV Charging Stations for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Most drivers in America know exactly where their local gas stations are. Whether near their homes, workplaces or otherwise, that familiarity and awareness is part of what makes some drivers hesitant to adopt EVs as their next car. Yet, due to a combination of government-set goals, cost benefits, and technological advances, EVs are becoming more and more popular. Convenience stores and gas stations have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly developing EV industry due to their trusted presence in drivers’ lives. Below are four excellent reasons why your gas station or c-store should add EV charging as soon as possible!

1.) Fuel Price Volatility

As convenience store or gas station owners and operators, you will know all too well about the fluctuation in fuel costs due to supply. As of late, prices have stayed high, and while in the past that has hurt business, there is now a viable alternative opportunity to gain customers. Sure, there are upfront costs to install EV charging on-site (often there are government incentives, see below), but the comparatively stable cost of electricity paired with brilliant technologies like smart charging help ensure long-term viability. Gas stations with electric charging have the opportunity to bring in customers even when drivers of gasoline-powered cars shy away from travel due to fuel prices.

2.) Government Incentives

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is promising nearly $5 billion to bolster EV charging infrastructure on major roadways like interstates. The government is creating these “Alternative Fuel Corridors” with hopes to assuage range anxiety for EV drivers. This program is a terrific opportunity for gas stations and c-stores, already extremely prevalent along major roadways, to help offset the initial costs of installing EV charging and potentially upgrading existing power resources. With the help of your state’s funding, you can develop another reliable revenue stream that helps transition the driving population into a more sustainable future. 

3.) Driver Trust

One often overlooked aspect of the developing EV charging industry is the existing credibility that gas stations have in the transportation industry. While some have expressed fear that gas stations will go obsolete during the transition to electric cars, the reality is that owners and operators can sustain and expand existing driver reliance with EV charging gas stations. Drivers depend on c-stores to consistently provide restrooms, snacks, hot food, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and more, and those needs won’t magically go away. By adapting to EV charging and expanding concurrent services, gas stations can continue on the road toward driver trust. 

4.) Staying Ahead of the Curve

Technology is always advancing and industries have the potential to grow or fail depending on how they adapt. Whether the fossil fuel industry buys into it or not, EV sales are rapidly increasing and infrastructure is catching up. But it doesn’t have to be a black-and-white situation: The gas station and c-store infrastructure have an incredible head start from which to provide EV charging due to their widespread geographic advantage. Some experts urge convenience stores to consider gyms, salons, Wi-Fi and other driver perks to pair with the chargers. Shoring up your business’s future with EV charging helps ensure long-term financial success. 

Now Is the Time

As with any business, owning a gas station or convenience store comes with incredibly tough decisions. Weighing upfront costs with long-term viability is important, and EV Connect aims to make adding EV charging to your existing business as simple of a choice as we can with our wide range of charging solutions. Gas stations with electric charging are future-proofed, and owners can capitalize on their competitive edge in the transportation industry. So if you have been waiting for the right time to add services to your station, now is that time!


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