Sunday, May 26, 2024

Hotel Marcel Partners with EV Connect to Become the First Net-Zero Energy Hotel

Using a sustainable approach, Architect, Bruce Becker transformed New Haven’s iconic Pirelli Tire building into the nation’s first zero-net-energy hotel. The 165-room boutique hotel has gone through an extensive renovation, resulting in a completely energy-efficient building. As the first zero-net-energy hotel in the U.S., Hotel Marcel runs completely on electricity, generating and managing its energy using solar panels, storage batteries and other cutting-edge energy-saving solutions. As an avid supporter of sustainability, Becker encourages other architects and developers to do the same for future construction projects.


To accommodate EV Drivers at the hotel, Becker needed to partner with a full-service provider from which to source not only the EV chargers, but a robust and feature-rich network management platform to allow them the ability to develop pricing policies and view real-time information regarding the status of each charger.


By partnering with EV Connect, Hotel Marcel was able to take advantage of valuable rebates, control access and pricing to create a new revenue stream and ensure station reliability through proactive 24/7 support. EV Connect guided Hotel Marcel through the set-up and optimization of their 5 new Level 2 charging stations. Using our open standards platform which allows for the access to vital station data needed to optimize their energy management, Hotel Marcel can rest easy knowing that they are always covered while providing their guests and employees with a great EV charging experience.



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