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Thinking About Buying a New Car- How It Will Impact Texas Car Insurance

Are you thinking its about time to retire your old car and replace it with something a little newer, fancier or more reliable? If you are, have you thought about how changing your vehicle can impact your Texas car insurance? Believe it or not, what you drive plays a significant role in how you much pay for coverage. Here’s a little information that might help you make the right choice in a policy and a new set of wheels.

Rating Factors

Texas car insurance providers use a simple formula to decide how much to charge for coverage. It’s based on a variety of information, but can basically be broken down into four specific categories: theft, injury, repair and damage.

Theft When a provider is assessing a vehicle for insurance coverage, they usually think about how likely it is that this particular make and model vehicle will be stolen or vandalized. Is it a popular car and if so, is it easy to steal compared to others?

Damage Damage is another factor insurance companies look to when determining Texas car insurance rates. How much damage can the vehicle cause to other vehicles if it is involved in an accident? Is it likely to be significant and major damage?

Repair How costly are repairs likely to be after a collision? For some vehicles, parts are difficult to come by or manufactured out of the country, making repairs difficult and costly.

Every Car Insurance Company Is Different

The good news is, all insurance companies are not the same. And while they all employ actuaries to go through the numbers, determining car insurance rates is still a bit of a mystery. Some companies place more emphasis on safety while others consider the costs to repair priority one. The best you can do for yourself is to look at a few different options, and decide based on your specific situation, which company can make you the best deal.

At Citizens, we’re experts at gathering information, and we’ve made it about as easy and convenient as possible for you to check with multiple companies before making a commitment. Let’s be honest, most people don’t choose a car based on the insurance. And that’s fine. But knowing how the car you ultimately choose can impact your coverage and your rate and then comparing your options is a smart purchasing strategy and an easy way to keep your insurance costs manageable.


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