Sunday, May 26, 2024

Renault first brand to integrate Waze directly into its multimedia system

Renault has become the first car brand to offer the Waze application directly integrated into the vehicle’s multimedia system. The integration of Waze into the OpenR Link multimedia system with integrated Google and therefore visible on the 12-inch vertical screen of the All-new Austral and M?gane E-Tech electric naturally offers drivers greater comfort and safety.

Without using a smartphone, the driver has access to real-time traffic information, favorite routes and saved destinations on the eye-level screen. Other vehicle features and music remain accessible, even if Waze is activated.

This new experience with Waze is available in European countries for all All-new Austral and M?gane E-Tech electric customers equipped with the OpenR screen and the OpenR Link interface with integrated Google.

Customers can easily download and install the Waze app for OpenR Link either directly from Google Play via their OpenR Link interface in their vehicle, or from their My Renault mobile app. Customers can then create a Waze account or use an existing Waze account for safe driving, always free of charge.

As more and more Waze users join us on in-car platforms and as this type of technology continues to evolve, it is important that we provide them with the best driving experiences. That’s why we are pleased and proud to announce our partnership with Renault. The integration of Waze’s real-time routes, navigation and alerts into the screen of Renault’s next generation vehicles offers a smoother and more streamlined driving experience. We look forward to bringing this all-new driving experience to as many users around the world as possible in 2023.

–Aron Di Castro, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Waze



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