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An Overview of EV Connect’s EVoucher Feature

In a relatively young industry like EV charging, any opportunity to boost customer loyalty and ensure utilization is huge. EV Connect’s new EVoucher feature is a game changer when it comes to businesses looking for speedy, continuous and reliable ROIs. By offering EV Connect customers the option to customize their discounted offerings and coupon pairings, this EVoucher feature will tangibly enhance your charging business. Let’s take a look at how this new feature from EV Connect can increase station utilization and customer loyalty. 

Why an EV Coupon Program?

Although some drivers have received free or discounted charging as membership or employment perks, empowering businesses to choose their own coupon or discount offers is pioneering. Just about every driver on the road has used a coupon, and for a consistent need like electricity to charge a vehicle, promoting loyalty through discounts and incentives is an easy sale.

Gas Stations Reveal the Potential Benefit

Traditional gas stations have long been leaders in fuel rewards and other coupon programs. Stations all over the country offer incentives for app users, members, and other customers. Here’s the thing: These coupon programs work. Stories all over, like this one, reveal that promoting customer loyalty and utilization through rewards creates huge ROIs. 

How EVouchers Work

The great part about EV Connect’s EVouchers program is that it can benefit drivers and every type of business! With the customization built into this value-added feature, whether you own a hotel, a retail store or any other business, there is a benefit for you. Find your category below, and read about how you can set up your EVouchers to best help your business.

Multifamily and Commercial Properties

For owners of commercial and residential rentals, you can help attract and retain tenants with special discount programs. Whether they receive recurring discounts or one-time incentives, you can set your property apart with coupon offerings.


The hospitality industry has always done a great job of sustaining business through rewards programs. Continue that tradition by offering loyalty members free or reduced charging. You can offer progressive discounts for higher level members and reduced charging to any overnight guests. 

Retail Stores

For retailers looking for great station utilization provide discounts based on in-store purchases. For example, if someone spends a certain dollar amount, they could receive a EVoucher for discounted or free charging on their next visit. Not only does this create a return customer, but it also ensures that customers are spending certain target dollar amounts. 

Other Businesses

Whether you own a dog washing business, auto dealership, bank, or golf course, there is huge potential through the EVoucher program. You can reward employees for their timeliness, leading sales, or a job well done by offering reduced charging. You can boost customer loyalty by offering free charging to monthly big spenders. Or you can promote some other custom idea you have! The best part of EVouchers for EV Connect customers is that you get to set it up to best work for your business.

Not Just Good for Business

You may be thinking that this is a little too good to be true: Perhaps customers will question or ignore these rewards. Not so! Vouchers, coupons and other discount programs have come a long way, and customers now trust these loyalty opportunities as valuable ways to save, especially in a period of inflation. As long as you create a simple, consistent, and well-supported program (we will take care of that part), EVouchers can be great for drivers too. Through our easy-to-use map filters and mobile discount codes, drivers will have no problem finding the offerings your business creates!

Utilize EVouchers Today!

EV Connect could not be more excited to release the EVoucher feature. This program has the opportunity to benefit everyone in the charging industry, from drivers to business owners and beyond. With EV Connect’s EVouchers, your business has the best chance to attract drivers, increase station utilization and instill loyalty in customers. Don’t wait: Get set up with our optimized software today!


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